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Want to work for Giggle 'n' Groove?

The Giggles and Grooves are contagious!  We are always looking for new opportunities to expand the Giggle 'n' Groove Dance Education Program and we need the right people to do that.  So what does a Giggle 'n' Groove Dance Educator look like?  Well, for starters, they are a highly trained dancer who is well versed in Ballet Technique and Terminology.  They are effervescent, energetic and exciting to be around.  Giggle 'n' Groove Dance Educators have a genuine passion for educating young children and uderstand the amazing impact that dance can have on young individuals.  They should be responsible and highly organised.  They have a blue card and a first aid certificate to ensure the safety of little ones in their care.  In order to get to their classes they must have a car, valid drivers licence and insurance.  Giggle 'n' Groove Dance Educators are role models within the community and present themselves accordingly.  Giggle 'n' Groove Dance Educators genuinely good people!  


Does this sound like you?


We are looking to hire people on the Sunshine Coast to start training in September 2013.  If you are interested in further details please give us a call.  If you know you would LOVE to apply please fill in the application form and send a hard copy of your complete resume to

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