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At Giggle 'n' Groove we understand busy families.  We all want the best for our kids and it is nice to be able to give them the opportunity to explore their interests.  However, running around to classes can be hectic and it eats into valuable time as a family.  Not only that, there is a huge cost involved with setting children up to try a new activity.  There's costumes, shin pads, bats, uniforms...the list goes on. 

Our Program is Different!

​If your child LOVES to dance we can show them how.  They will learn actual dance technique through specially designed play based activities that engage and inspire young children. 

It is fun. 

It is affordable. 

It is so easy! 

All in a usual day at your child's early learning centre!

The Benefits

The real benefit of any dance education is that is reaches students on a level that is natural and exciting.  Through a study of dance, students obviously improve their gross motor skills, their musicality and their grace.  However, they are also learning another language, they improve their literacy, numeracy, they learn to work with others and they develop their own self confidence.  The connection that is created between body and mind is second to none.  The benefits of learning dance are well documented and proven - the benefits to your child should be evident after only a few classes.


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